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Dear distinguished academician colleagues. Eurasian Academy of Sciences EURASIAN STUDIES Journal; is an international and refereed journal of “Eurasian Sutudies” published online. 

Our focus is the Eurasian Region . 

International Refereed Eurasian Academy of Sciences EURASIAN STUDIES Journal entered into the publication in 2015 for the first time. Original, compilation and research themed Works in the field of Eurasian Region are included in our journal. Our journal is an international refereed and academic journal. The studies belonging to social sciences and disciplines are accepted. The language of our journal are primarily Turkish, English, Rusian and Turkish Dialects, but the papers prepared in other languages are also welcomed for publication. The science is universal. We aim to contribute and support for all kinds of scientific studies within the framework of scientific ethics, and we welcome all authors, referees and members of the science and advisory board who wish to be included in this structure and make contribution. We also would like to mention that we desire to be in the media organ operating in many fields and to make a number of valuable contributions to the science and academia.   Our purpose is to reach the most qualified studies serving for science to the readers and researchers. We open the doors of our journal also for original and scientific works in all fields of social sciences. No one is privileged in our journal. Our journal publishes four times a year as in January, April, July and October.  The studies sent to our journal are firstly approved in editorial board and the accepted studies are sent to the related field referees. Every study is evaluated by two field referees and the approved ones are published. A study is demanded to be revised only for three times. If the required changes are not made after the third revision demand, the study is automatically rejected. The operation of our journal and all kinds of procedures are monitored on the system. The system completely operates as internet-based and all records are kept in internet database of the journal. Only one study of the same author is included in the related issue. More than one study from the same author is queued for next issues. However, in case of different study with multiple authors, it is accepted for publication upon the approval of the editorial board of the journal. This condition does only belong to our journal, and any rights or legal sanctions can’t be imposed on our journal. Our journal uses APA 5 system as of the January 2015 issue. Language and research subject are significant. Direct citation is not allowed by no means. In case of using internet and citing from internet, the related website link must be used and the date of citation ought to be stated. Likewise, approval of the ethical board must be delivered to us for the studies and researches requiring the approval of the related board. The study is not taken into publication unless the approved format of the ethical report is sent to us even if it has completed the referee process positively.  Any authors or researchers can’t claim any rights on journal. A copyright agreement for publication is not used in our journal. But the editorial board or publication board may demand a copyright transfer agreement from the author(s) if they deem necessary. The studies sent to our journal are supposed not to be sent to other journals before, and similarly not rejected or evaluated in different journals at the same time. Moreover, our journal unilaterally has the right to reject the studies without taking them into the referee process under no circumstances. In this case, author(s) can’t claim any rights. Author(s) can’t be informed regarding the evaluation process of the publications by referee or referees. This process only belongs to editors of the journal. As our journal is completely internet based, authors can follow all the procedures from their own membership panel. They can also get information about their studies via e-mail. The studies taken into the evaluation process can’t be withdrawn without the permission of journal management and any rights can’t be claimed. The records in our journal are taken into consideration in any circumstances and legal conditions, and they are used for or against the author(s). Regarding the possible plagiarism and legal issues, the lawyers of our journal unilaterally has the right for all kinds of procedures in order to protect the rights of our journal and other people. The evaluation process of the papers takes two months. However, it may take three months due to the possible problems which may occur during the evaluation. The science board of our journal steps in regarding the current or possible problems during the referee evaluation process, and decides on the related paper after making the required evaluation. The decisions taken by the science board are absolute decisions and the journal management is very observant of them. These decisions can’t be evaluated at all. The papers accepted and gone through the referee evaluation process may be queued in order to be published in next issues. In that case, author(s) are provided a written document. The information in these documents has to be accepted by author(s). Only the publication board decides regarding in which issue the paper will be published. Any authors can’t claim a right regarding this issue. They can’t impose sanctions on our journal. The studies published in our journal can be used by citing our journal. Legal sanctions are imposed on the related person in case of using the papers without citation. The whole responsibility belongs to the person who uses. A study without scientific content and innovation for science can’t be accepted in our journal. Our journal accepts papers in the all field about eurasian geography.